Technical Innovation

GVS Filtration engineers are constantly working to provide high quality, high performance, cost effective products to meet our customers’ performance requirements.

For example, GVS set the standard for automotive in-tank fuel filtration with our adjustable multi-layered filtration media that provides superior filtration performance and extended system life. GVS’ leadership position in the in-tank fuel filter market resulted from our innovative filtration media and expertise in product design and manufacturing. We extend this expertise into a wide range of air and liquid filtration markets.

Our customers count on GVS Filtration to have:

  • The ability to produce high quality products and undertake complex programs
  • Extensive knowledge of product performance and application
  • Significant investment in capital equipment and technical expertise
  • Global support for our customers
  • Tooling and mold design capabilities
  • Prototype and product development support
  • Product testing capabilities

Intellectual Property and Patents

Many attributes of our filtration products are covered by patent or patent pending, including, but not limited to our gradient density depth medias, KussLife(R) media, DEF/Urea intank filters, and folded filter designs.

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