Return Policy

GVS Filtration Product Return Policy
US and Canada

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We want to help you succeed in your business by allowing appropriate return of non-moving items. Please follow the guidelines below when returning unused product to GVS Filtration. Contact your Customer Assistance Representative at 715-568-5944 ext. 2166 to request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) prior to returning any product. The RMA must be returned within 30 days of the issue date, or it will be canceled. An RMA can be used for only one return; additional RMAs must be completed if further returns are desired.


Customer Requested Returns (Stock or Annual Return)

Guidelines for Returned Products:

1. Each returned item must be in saleable condition (i.e., free of rust, dents, dust, scratches, etc.) and must not be an obsolete product. Product that cannot be resold will be scrapped with no credit issued.

2. Returned items must not be over two (2) years of age, or they will be scrapped with no credit issued. What follows is an example of a label with the most common date code used on Kuss Filtration products. In the lower left there is three digit number. The first two digits reflect the week the part was produced. The last digit is the last digit of the year produced. In this example the part was produced week 25, June 17, 2013.


3. Only full carton quantities in original cartons will be accepted.

Shipping Guidelines:

1. Return non-moving product to the address indicated on the RMA form.

2. Multiple items on one RMA may be packaged and shipped together.

3. Package returned products carefully to assure proper protection.

4. All Customer Requested Returns must be prepaid (unless specified on RMA as collect). If GVS Filtration is responsible for any error, Customer Assistance will provide shipping instructions at the time the RMA is issued. All shipping instructions must be followed, or GVS Filtration will not be responsible for claims or housing damaged product.

5. Attach a manifest to the package detailing part numbers and quantities being returned. The manifest should indicate the number of skids being returned and each skid must reflect the RMA number to ensure proper processing. If returning non-skidded product, please number each carton, e.g. 1 of 3, so that a complete return is processed together.

6. In the Shippers Reference on the Bill of Lading, please reference the RMA number.

Credit Process:

1. Purchases made during the previous calendar year will be averaged. If the average is between pricing levels, it will be rounded to the closest level. The resulting average level will be used to credit your returns throughout the year.

2. Returned products will be processed with a 10% handling fee.

3. Customer requested returns will be allowed for up to 4% of prior year’s purchase amount.

4. Credit will be issued for approved returns within four (4) weeks from receipt of product by Kuss Filtration.


Guidelines for GVS Filtration-Initiated Returns:

All GVS Filtration initiated product returns must be shipped to the location address on the RMA form within 30 days from the date the RMA is issued. Freight terms must be as marked on the comment section.

1. Each item must be in saleable condition (i.e., free of rust, dents, dust, scratches, etc.) and must be in its original packaging.

2. The RMA document must be attached to the shipment.

3. Product must have proper packaging protection.

Global Region and Order Placement Contact:

U.S., Canada, Mexico
Fax: 715.568.5929
Customer Service: Gerard Uchytil at 715.568.5944 ext 2166.

Europe, Africa
Fax: +33 (0)2 98 11 98 00
Customer Service: Celine Le Roy at: +33 (0)2 98 11 01 13

Asia, Australia
Fax: +86 021-61686178
Customer Service: Solin Zhang at +86 21 6168 6153

Central America, South America
Customer Service: Sergio Siqueira at (55) 11 4646-1311