Kuss Filtration is now part of the GVS Group.

With over 2300 employees, and 26 locations, GVS serves the Healthcare, Automotive, Life Science, Personal Protection, HVAC and Appliance, Outdoor Power Equipment, Powersport, and On- and Off-Highway Commercial vehicle Filtration Markets.

When Kuss Filtration opened its doors in 1949, we started with a simple product line and a simple goal: supply filtration products that exceed our customers’ expectations. Kuss Filtration achieves this goal by providing our customers with complete filtration solutions – solutions based on pioneering R&D, manufacturing efficiency, unrivaled product quality, and outstanding customer support. We provide a unique competitive advantage to our customers around the world. Our team of dedicated employees and top quality suppliers are able to serve our customers more efficiently and effectively in their unique markets. With a global footprint and a global customer base, Kuss Filtration offers dependability and reliability beyond OE specifications and customer requirements.

Technical Innovation

Our innovations in filtration have served as a springboard for a wide variety of successful products and markets. Our engineers are consistently working to provide high quality, high performance, cost effective products to meet our customers’ performance targets.

Filtration Markets & Products

Kuss Filtration released its first automotive product in 1951 and has been at the forefront of automotive and industrial filtration ever since. The company’s commitment to quality has earned Kuss Filtration the ISO/TS 16949 certification in addition to many awards and recognitions for design innovation and product excellence.

Manufacturing Excellence

Kuss Filtration has developed superior capabilities and advanced processes for the design and manufacture of air and liquid filtration products. The Kuss manufacturing team closely monitors each phase of the process to ensure your products are built efficiently and with the highest quality.


Innovation Multi-Position Stack

Low Level Fuel Handling

Introducing our latest breakthrough for in-tank filtration media, KussLife(R) (patent US9,555,353 and China 201480010264.3, EU granted, Patent Pending in Brazil, Japan, Mexico).

Offering more capacity than our current line of gradient density depth media with the same package size and micron protection.

Our gradient density depth media, a leader in liquid in-tank filtration technology, is an adjustable, multi-layered design that improves filtration efficiency and dirt holding capacity to provide for strength and durability, extended system life, design flexibility, and overall superior filter performance.