Filtration Media

A filter’s performance is determined by its filter media. GVS Filtration uses a wide range of filtration media types to provide the filtering protection that our customers require. From less than 1 and up to 2000 micron, we can design, test, and manufacture filters to meet the customers’ system requirements. For the ultimate in filter design, we develop unique filter media solutions for the most exacting environments.

NEW! KussLife(R) In-Tank Filtration Media

Introducing our latest breakthrough for in-tank filtration media, KussLife(R) Intank Filtration Media. (patent US9,555,353 and China 201480010264.3, EU granted, Patent Pending in Brazil, Japan, Mexico).

Offering more capacity than our current line of gradient density depth media with the same package size and micron protection.

Our gradient density depth media, a leader in liquid in-tank filtration technology, is an adjustable, multi-layered design that improves filtration efficiency and dirt holding capacity to provide for strength and durability, extended system life, design flexibility, and overall superior filter performance.

Air Filtration

  • We partner with our media suppliers to offer the latest advances in air filtration media technology such as flame retardant, water resistant, synthetic, multi-layered, and cellulose media.

Advanced Media Development

  • We select or design filtration media to meet the product’s requirements for:

  • Strength and Durability
  • Optimal and Extended System Life
  • Superior Contamination Capture and Retention
  • Low Restriction to Flow
  • Design Flexibility