Automotive and 2-Wheel Transportation

We offer Liquid and Air Filtration products for various applications:

Light-Duty Passenger Cars and Trucks

Medium-Duty Trucks and Vans

2-Wheel Motorcycle and Motorscooter Fuel and Air Intake Systems

In-tank and In-Line Pressure Filters for Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Systems

In-Tank DEF Fluid (Urea) for Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems

In-tank Suction Filters for Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Systems

Vehicle Cabin Air Filtration

Engine Air Intake Systems

Evaporative Emissions Air Intake Systems

Power Steering Systems

Transmission Systems

Braking and Hydraulic Systems

Other Fluid Reservoirs

Air Breather Systems

Tank Venting

Natural Gas and Propane Fuel Systems